Welcome to the FireGods Art Interpretation Gallery

Interpreting Art

Native American and Ancestral Puebloan art is where we started from. Local with native materials. The Spiritual nature of Chaco Canyon was key inspiration.

Fountains As Art

Typically thought of as decoration and not art, the installation of a Garden Fountain. Can have the same effect as any piece of fine art.


Things are conceived, created, and eventually they will dissolve. One only has to look at the ruins at Chaco Canyon to see the process nearing its end.


New Mexico is full of Native American and Ancestral Puebloan ruins, but the spirit of the people keeps the tradition alive. Each time they erect something, it is a resurrection of past creations, born again.


We may not agree with the artist, or their views, but we must respect them, for they have created, and bared themselves for all to see.

Creative Art Installations

Art is interpreted by many, in many ways. The best challenges us, makes us think, allows us to open our minds.